March 28, 2010


R: On a high?
M: A sigh at your suspicious eye! This is just a simple and joyous I :)

The Rebel.

M: The heretic in me is in love.
A: Who's a heretic?
M: A heretic is a rebel. Who questions.
A: Maitri, the rebel. One who questions is called inquisitive, right?
M: The inquisitive seeks answers. The rebel questions answers. Thus, seeking truth.
A: One doesn't have to be a rebel to seek truth, no?
M: Do not define a rebel!
A: Then, how does one know that one is a rebel?
M: Knowing is pretentious. Only when your self is one, you will understand.

March 27, 2010

Freedom struggle.

Life is invaded by falsehood. Perceptions and projections but no absolute truth. All of us wish to be someone else, to be someplace else. But life’s neither fiction nor is it a fable. It’s a paradox, a puzzle. Sometimes an error. Sometimes an enigma.

I guess all I ever seek is an undivided self. Free from contradictions. Time my mind made its home. And not just take trains, going this way and that way.

As I see it today, all of my life suddenly appears to be a freedom struggle.

March 25, 2010

March 24, 2010

Bombay - aftershocks!

Amplified. Evolved. Lost. And, Found.

March 11, 2010