February 26, 2010

Pool of Prophecies.

Causes can remain unknown.
As long as the consequences are shown.
I have no intention to wear the crown.
Hence, I will not have them frown.
I am no prophet. But in the depth of my own prophecies, I shall drown.

February 25, 2010

Dare to unbelong!

She lost her purse. Two ATM cards. Two hundred rupees. Mother's photo. One dollar. I asked her - Did you lose your self? She answered - Yeah, for a moment.

What happens when we lose our things? Things we are attached to. Things we adore. Things we cannot let go of. Things that belong to us. We feel sad, undeniably. The feeling that constantly tells us that its gone. That its never going to reach us. Or that it itself is unreachable.

Parallely, it also tells us the impermanence of things. Knowing nothing is forever, we begin to cherish the now and the new. We also learn the art of being strong when we need to unbelong.

February 13, 2010


I was just telling dad that we should buy new slippers. He said - Yeah. But I'm bored of bata. Me, in reply - No, we as indians must have atleast one pair of bata slippers for indoors!

February 5, 2010

Pond > Pound

There's a small pond near my den. I sit by the pond and go fishing all day! But that doesn't mean I'm coming out there to sell the fish. Its about where I love to be. Not where you want me to be. I belong to the pond, not the fish markets.