November 4, 2009

Bike, Roads, Trance - Zoetic!

Cloudy afternoon. Egg curry with steamed rice. Coffee followed. Questioned dad if he was tired enough to take a nap. Understood he that I wanted to bike a new road. House locked. Bike started. Four in the evening, left we. The touch of the cool breeze, the warm rays of sunlight gave us company. Boated in the lake as birds flew by. Mountains surrounded. Silence filled. Hypnotized. Now and then, a few words walked to and fro between me, dad and the boatman. Sunset. With two water lilies from the boatman as a souvenir, we were on our return journey home. Enveloped our senses with the fragrance of the villages. Evidenced more of an enchantment than delusion. Two cups of tea on the highway to adore the winter-winds.

Place - Kondakarla Ava. Sixty kilometers in two hours. Unplanned. Thus, happened.