October 31, 2008

Today Spoke..

All that you love may be taken away. Give as much as you can today. Live every moment to the fullest with no fear. For uncertainty would never anyway disappear. Don’t question, don’t await an answer. Just watch and let be. It could be the time to decide, so pack your bags for a long ride. Ask not where you would be a few months hence. Just know that there’d be a thousand places you’d go. But there’ll always be a place you will never leave, wherever you’re taken by a tomorrow.

October 5, 2008

Key, Home, Freedom.

When the key is not with you, you seem to have lost the freedom to emigrate from where you are. For when home is left unlocked, the fear of theft of that which belongs to you comes to your mind. And so you decide to stay still, wherever you are now. I am waiting for the key to be given. I am awaiting Freedom!